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1973 - 翻译中...

Initiate the first facotory((occupied area 5300m2), produce Ceramic Column Packing

1998 - 翻译中...

A new factory has been built(occupied area 20000m2),renamed as Pingxiang Naike Chemical Industry Equipment Packing Co.,Ltd,established as a integrated Column Packing manufacturer.Mainly products a whole series of Tower Pacing/Column Packing, includes Ceramic Column Packing,Stainless Steel Column Packing, Plastic Column Packing, Ceramic ball, Alumina ball.

2002 - 翻译中...

Another new factory has been built(occupied area 39000m2), expands new productions of Molecular Sieve,Activated Alumina,Zeolite Catalyst,Tower Internal parts,the warehouse has expanded 6000 cubic meters

2007 - 翻译中...

Initiate oversea business, first export to Southeast Asia and North America, soon expand to the whole Asia, Europe and South America.

2008 - 翻译中...

-Intergrated upgraded to Naike Group, focusing on chemical engineering design, production, installation, commissioning, operation and providing turnkey units.

-Set up a subsidiary company, enter to sewage treatment field,specializing in high concentration ammonia nitrogen wastewater treatment,provides turnkey units, focusing on the treatment of pharmaceutical wastewater and lithium battery production wastewater.

2013 - 翻译中...

Set up a technology centre, establish direction of Technology-led production.

2016 - 翻译中...

Naike Group's annual turnover exceeded 300 million CNY.

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