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Metal Tower Packing - 翻译中...

Metal tower packing is tower packing made of carbon steel, stainless steel and alloy.

The metal tower packing can be made of a variety of materials, and corrosion is the main consideration when choosing. Carbon steel fillers are low in cost and have good surface wetting properties. They should be used in preference to non-corrosive or low-corrosive materials; stainless steel fillers have strong corrosion resistance and are generally resistant to corrosion from common materials other than Cl–; The cost of packing made of titanium materials and materials such as special alloy steel is very high, and it is generally only used in certain highly corrosive materials.

Application of Metal tower packing - 翻译中...

Generally speaking, metal tower packing can be made into a thin-walled structure, which has large flux, low gas resistance, and high impact resistance. It can be used under high temperature, high pressure and high impact strength, and is mainly suitable for fine chemicals. It is widely used in towers in many fields such as petrochemical industry, and fertilizer.



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