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Technical Help - 翻译中...

  • Provide technical advice

  • Provide technical verification

  • Provide relevant technical literature for customers' reference

  • Analysis for Column Packing type and material selections

  • Provide drawings according to customers' requirements

  • Visiting the construction site of our company

After-sale Service - 翻译中...

  • Customs clearance service

  • Installation instruction

  • Technical communication

R & D Team - 翻译中...

Introduction to technical team: located in Xi'an City,where the top industrial colleges gather place in China. In term of training more innovation-minded personnel, Naike Chemical starts a talent development program so as to provide a long term stable technical supports.

Number of senior engineers: 13

Technical director: Master degree in chemistry, responsible for the transformation from technology to production

Chief engineer: PhD in chemistry, more than 20 years of working experience, rich experience in the field of industrial acid

Drawing engineer: Technical drawing, packaging and loading calculation drawing

Customers - 翻译中...

BAOSTEEL China New Energy Formosa Kingboard Plastech Shaanxi Coal and Chemical Industry Group SULZER UNITED LABORATORIES
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